Holy shit, I remember kids in school with hype for the PS1 release that I only ever saw rivalled by Tamagotchis.

I’d already joined the PC master race 2 years prior, so my hype was kept in check by knowing there was ZERO chance my Dad would finance my insatiable PC games/software/hardware habit and a brand new console as well. That didn’t stop my great desire for one, but at least I knew I’d have plenty of access to my friends’ ones.

Outside of playing at friends’ houses, I consoled myself (smirk) by playing games that the PS1 would still take years to catch up with, and in some cases such as FPS/RTS games, never would (plus it was missing 90% of the PC adventure games). I was mad jealous over the fighting games and especially Resident Evil though. I’d stand in GAME (a games retailer in the UK), watching the demo reels of RE1 for countless minutes and countless occasions, wondering when it’d be my time to ‘enter the world of survival horror’. That’s where my love of that line comes from. Thankfully they released a (slightly wonky) PC version some time later.

A couple of years later I eventually picked up a PS1, and enjoyed the shit outta it with RE 1/2/3, Tekken 3, Silent Hill, SOTN, Suikoden 1/2, SF Alpha 3, FF7, Gran Turismo, Viewpoint, though sadly no MGS, sorry! Ever since I got a PC, it’s always been and always will be my primary platform, but I’ve never restricted myself just to the PC. As I’ve said many a time, I’ll go where the games are.. the platform is irrelevant, though on the PC is always preferred.

Either way, happy birthday to the PS1, one of Sony’s greatest triumphs that only happened due to Nintendo’s fuck up.