Went to the doctors last week and talked through all the guts/diet stuff since I’d last been in Summer. Thankfully, we’re both on the same page in thinking (though I think you’d call it assumption from my end) that it’s something dietary that’s either the cause, or certainly making things worse.

So the Doc’s got me booked in for various tests over the next few weeks, with the first one unfortunately being for gluten. I’ve said a few times that looking back, I don’t think eliminating gluten was the reason I’d felt improved (rather, it was eliminating a lot of the other stuff too), so everything’s slowed down a bit while that test gets sorted first.

I knew this would be the case, so there’s a slight bit of backfire going on. I’d read that Docs will make ya continue eating problem foods whilst they test for stuff, which entirely makes sense to be fair.. though after 18+ months at that point of regularly feeling dire, I wasn’t really prepared to fuck around for another couple of months eating stuff I knew was causing trouble. I just wanted some relief and some normalcy back, even if it ended up being random and short lived in the end.

So! On Doc’s orders, I’ve been eating regular bread and such for the past week (80p for a NICE loaf rather than £2.90, sweet!), and can’t say I’ve felt much of a negative effect.. though it’s been hard to tell since I caught a fucking bug in the doctors!

It’s the age old classic. Go to the Docs to get better, catch something there and end up feeling far worse. It lasted about 5 days, but only the first two were seriously bad, with an annoying cough being the last thing to fuck off finally today 😉

Could have been worse!

Anyway! Got some tests in the pipe that’ll hopefully shed some light/direction on things and in the meantime I’m trying to do what I can diet wise to not rock the boat (bar the gluten for the sake of the test obviously).

The entire thing has been confusing as fuck from day one, and hasn’t gotten any less so even when figuring out exactly what the problems have been (originally the helicobacter, which seems to have seguewayed into food intolerances). From what people have said to me and what I’ve read around, it’s just how it is.

Going to the Docs armed with all the trial and error of the past few months seems to have guided him in an entirely different direction however, so I’m hopeful either the tests will discover the exact problem(s) or failing that, I’ll be referred to a gastroenterologist (ShitGut expert) in the new year.

It felt like I was close to cracking it all with some experimentation and a shitload of research, but at the end of the day I’m not a Doctor. Really good try though, that I’m sure’ll bear fruit over the coming months.

In the meantime, thanks once again for the epic patience dudes, and I’ll keep y’all updated on stuff as it progresses :]