No spoilers.

The trailers earlier in the year for the Ash vs Evil Dead tv show looked great.. they seemed to nail the character and original movies accurately. They were trailers though, so how did the actual first episode compare?

Fucking sweet.

Bruce is as solid as ever playing Ash, competently dancing over the line between bad ass and fool. Good writing and great veterancy with the character make it a genuine pleasure to see Ash again.

The deadites are a perfect recreation of the movies, right down to the smack talk and demented laughing. They were always one of the more inventive possessions in the movies, and they’re kept true to form here. Even the cinematography takes notes from the original movies with the same style chase cams and “battering cams”.

I expected the supporting cast to be weak, but both the dude and lass are doing a decent job so far, adding some nice contrast to the older and more weathered Ash. We’ll see how they do over the course of the season as they settle in to the characters.

As I said, there’s no spoilers here, so I can’t go in to much detail overall, but I’m seriously impressed. Starz (of Blacksails fame, go watch that as well btw) have done a fantastic job and service to the Evil Dead license, which at the time of writing this, I can’t imagine any fan being disappointed. It’ll make for a fine introduction to the movies for new folk as well.

The Evil Dead series has always been a great benchmark of black comedy, and the tv series is no exception so far. I eagerly await the rest of the season.

Go watch!