A Foreword

Welcome! The OverTheGun.com Codex contains stream/video updates, blog entries, F.A.Qs, links and various other information in regards to myself and the videos/streams I do.

If you’re here, chances are you’re a fan of what I do, and be you a veteran or new viewer, I’d like to thank both you and the community, whom have supported me in numerous and various ways over the years. One day I’ll have the words to convey my thanks exactly.

For now; cheers dudes!

Lliam / OTG

Can I add you on Skype/Steam/XBL/PSN/BNet/etc?

I rarely use Skype, sorry. Please do however, send a friend request on Steam.

XBL/PSN/BNet, due to limited friend capacity, are reserved for people that I’ll be playing games with at the time on a stream/etc. These friend lists are sometimes purged, so please don’t be offended!

Do you have chat or a forum?

Not on OverTheGun.com.  You can however, find a Shoutbox chat/fan community on the OverTheGun.org Fansite.

The OverTheGun.org Fansite is run and moderated by people within the community and not by OverTheGun.

Do you still play Poker?

I used to a lot, but rarely do nowadays.

Do you still smoke?

Nope, I’ve used an E-cig for years now. For up to date information on what E-cig I currently use, it’s best to ask me on stream/e-mail me. I recommend Totally Wicked as a UK site to buy from (they also ship worldwide). I’ve always used them and their e-fluid, and recommend them highly.

How can I contact you/send a question?

The best ways are;

E-mail: contact@overthegun.com
Live on the Twitch stream: http://twitch.tv/overthegun
On YouTube video comments: http://youtube.com/overthegun
Or on Twitter: http://twitter.com/overthegun

Messages are easily missed on clients such as Steam/BNet/etc, so if it’s important, the 4 contact methods above are better.

If it’s asked frequently, it may end up here!

How did you start playthroughing?

Entirely by accident.  My YouTube channel was originally used to share the montage videos I’d made for poker/various games.

Randomly I decided to record/upload some commentary for the newly released Portal.  I enjoyed it far more than expected, and started making playthroughs frequently under the name “How to Successfully Fail” due to having never seen or known about playthroughing on YouTube at the time.  The name has since stuck, as has the passion for playthroughing.

How many cats do you have, and what are their names?

We have 3 cats, Hayai, Kashi and Kon.

How old are you? When and where were you born?

At the time of writing this, I’m 32. I was born January the 2nd, 1983 in Halifax, England.

Is Twitch/YouTube your job?

Yup and it’s incredibly appreciated!  Myself and Claire are supported by stream tips/subs and video advert revenues (stream mirrors on YouTube for HTSF/Rambles are not monetized by me, though may be content matched/adverts added by the game developer).

The kindness and generosity of people has been staggering.  Thanks!

What are your Twitch emotes?

Nobody has ever asked this.. I just wanted to spam them:


And the subscriber badge:


What is that accent/are you from the UK?

It’s a Yorkshire accident, and I’m from West Yorkshire in Northern England.

What is your real name?

Lliam Martin. The second L isn’t a typo, and has caused much confusion to people (though has served as an icebreaker as many times). There’s a story about the original spelling of Liam having a double L, primarily used for royalty. Fuck knows if that’s true.. probably not, haha.

What programs do you use to stream/make videos?

Things have settled down dramatically over the years, and finding good/the best recording programs is vastly easier than it was in the early days. This list would have changed quite frequently a couple of years+ ago, whereas now, it remains quite static.

Regular OBS or OBSMP – At the time of writing, OBSMP is in its infancy, but still superior to regular OBS unless you use a lot of custom plugins. That’s not to take anything away from regular OBS.. it’s an incredible program that opened up the streaming scene to a lot of people with not only the best streaming software, but the cheapest (free!). OBSMP inches out regular OBS due to dual channel audio recording, separate bitrates for streaming/local recording and a few other features. If you don’t think you’ll miss those features, and will use a lot of custom plugins right now, regular OBS will do nicely.

StreamTip – They used to charge 2% of your tips a month, and it was worth every penny. It’s now entirely free, and hands down the best for output of tips to a text file so you can import/integrate them in to your stream tickers/etc. Comes with a very tidy and unbloated frontend for viewing tips while streaming. Made by NightDev of NightBot fame.

SubAlert – My preferred way of importing information in to a stream UI is via text files (displayed via tickers). SubAlert does a great job of that for displaying new subscribers, and can do more if you require, such as chroma keyed image/text popups. Slightly bloated to navigate/set up, but works well. Also made by NightDev!

Snip – Want some text displaying what song is being played in Winamp? Snip’s the guy. Simple and effective, all it needs is a double click to set, then forget about it and let Snip do his job. Works in a similar way to StreamTip, in that it outputs to a text file so you can import that into your Stream. Requires OBS.

Winamp – I don’t think much explanation is required here, haha. One of the first mp3 players, and still one of the best/easiest to use. Plays nice with Snip.

XNote Timer – The first timer I ever found for doing HTSFs, and it does the job as good today as it ever did. You may see a recurring theme of programs I use.. simple and effective. Easily chroma keyed if desired on streams/videos too.

Chatty – A java based, fully featured IRC client for connecting to your Twitch channel’s chat. Displays all Twitch/BBTV emotes, and even some of it’s own. Very configurable to display keyword highlights and a lot more.

Video Recording:
Regular OBS or OBSMP – Outside of being the best streaming software, it’s also one of the best for offline recording! Used for regular recording, you’ll find OBS/OBSMP fantastic on both CPU and drive space usage. OBS/OBSMP really is the one stop shop for streaming/recording being honest. If you’re making montages or require the absolute best quality however, use Dxtory.

Dxtory – Before Dxtory, Fraps was the only game in town (for about a DECADE) that could record well at such a high quality. Fraps however, had some major problems. Lack of advanced configuration, awkward with some games and it probably melted a million CPUs from the stress. Dxtory is without question, the Fraps killer. It records at the same quality, or whatever you want, whilst barely denting CPU usage and not many games don’t play nice with it. Very configurable and is the modern go to for the highest quality capture. Be warned though, it’ll use incredible amounts of drive space, akin to Fraps. Just to emphasis it again; INCREDIBLE AMOUNTS OF DRIVE SPACE!

Audio/Video Editing:
Adobe Premiere – Incredibly expensive, but hands down the best in class for editing workflow and rendering. Sony Vegas Pro is a solid alternative.

Adobe Photoshop – Every video thumbnail and every site image I’ve done comes outta Photoshop. There’s several good alternatives that won’t destroy your college fund, but just as with Premiere, you can’t argue with Photoshop’s workflow and power.

Adobe After Effects – Used primarily for montages when pulling out all the stops. An amazing program, with the only limit being the user’s skill/imagination. A program with no peer.

Audacity – Free, powerful and easy to use. Need to record, edit or convert audio? Audacity.

When did you start gaming?

When I was 4 and a half. Whilst on one of those kid rides than move around and play music, I took note of an arcade cabinet for the first time. My Dad lifted me up to have a go, and it was an instant love/addiction that’s as strong now as it was then.

When did you start playthroughing?


October 18th, 2007 is the date of HTSF Portal, the first HTSF/playthrough I made on YouTube.  Forgive the rookie commentary!

When is the next stream/are you streaming tonight?

The schedule is the place to check. It’ll say what day, what time and what game for the next stream(s).

Where did your name (OverTheGun) come from?

I made the name up when playing poker on 6 seat tables.

There’s a name for every position except the fifth; (1) dealer button, (2) small blind, (3) big blind, (4) under the gun, (5) ???, and (6) last to act. In a flash of wit, I called the fifth position “over the gun”, and eventually started using it as my own handle online, which then became my YouTube channel name.

I frequently use/am called by the acronym OTG as well.

Will you/can you play *insert game*?

If it’s a good game, chances are it’ll be played eventually. When that is, cannot be known!

So many games, so little time…