When did they add that?!

I remember when the Justin/Twitch streams had a 0s delay, and it was awesome!  When they switched to a 20s (roughly) delay, it was slightly jarring but most folk got used to it pretty quickly.  I can’t even remember the reason Twitch decided to do it, though I’m sure there must have been one.

Either way I’m glad to see the option for 0s delay again, as it makes talking with folk on stream WAY better and also comes in handy for asking questions mid game and not needing to wait 20s for a response.

Apparently it may cause some people on weaker connections to buffer more often (apologies in advance if that’s the case for you).. maybe that was why the delay was added originally?

Twitch is already solid by me, and they have a lot of stuff incoming over the next year to improve it further it seems.