Silent Hills was already looking on form between Kojima, Toro and Norman Reedus.. it also turns out Junji Ito, a master horror craftsman was working on it as well.

Explains why it wasn’t just the direction that was looking great, but the style as well.

My theory is; Konami knew we would throw money at them for it, so dropped all that tedious ‘gaming stuff’ and cut to the chase with a Silent Hill pachinko machine instead. Either that or an onset of cashphobia (spell check informs me cashphobia isn’t a word, psh).

The true horror of all this though, is that we’ll never play what was shaping up to be an incredible game in the genre.

That slug is Silent Hills being rejected/cancelled by Konami btw.. poor Silent Hills slug.. it’s also a panel from one of Junji Ito’s works (minus the artisan like editing) called Uzumaki, check it out!